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The macadamia industry is one of the largest primary industries on the NSW Far North Coast, and covers substantial areas on the Queensland Sunshine Coast and the Mid-North Coast. Production of macadamias involves a wide range of operations ranging from the simple mowing or slashing between rows to the more complicated fertilizer and pesticide applications and of course harvesting and post-harvest handling.

For the macadamia grower there is a large resource of information that is available and readily accessible.  Links to a selection of this is included below.

Agrimac Delivery Documents

The following documents are an essential requirement for the delivery of NIS to the Agrimac factory.

The Pre-season Grower’s Report is required once each season and must be submitted with the NIS Supply Contract. This document provides information to Agrimac as to how the delivered crop has been managed over its growth cycle and how this relates to the AMS Industry Code of Sound Orchard Practices document and also the Approved Supplier Program.

The Consignment Delivery Report must accompany each delivery of NIS to the factory through the season. This document relates to how the specific NIS has been handled prior to delivery; that is harvesting interval, shed storage and handling procedures (drying, sorting) as well as the application of (if applicable) fertilisers and chemicals since the previous harvest round.

Macadamia Fact Sheets, FAQ

Numerous Fact Sheets and answers to general questions on a wide range of aspects of macadamia production are available on the Australian Macadamia (AMS) website and can be found here.

Codes of Practice