Agrimac is one of the largest and most reputable domestic and international suppliers of bulk macadamias kernels, we pride ourselves on being the total macadamia business. We have nurtured and refined a macadamia operation that marries the best that nature has to offer together with the latest processing technology and the best quality management.

Agrimac has extremely competitive pricing for the purchase of nut in shell, however the company believes that the price is just one benefit of supplying to Agrimac. FIND OUT MORE

Agrimac supplies macadamias internationally in bulk quantities offering a large variety of kernel sizes as well as macadamia paste. FIND OUT MORE

A balanced diet containing macadamias promotes good health, longevity and a reduction in degenerative diseases. FIND OUT MORE

Add Value with Macadamias

Agrimac supply both branded (under the “Agrimac Macadamias” brand) and private label products to major retailers in the Australian and world market. In addition to our products we are able to offer our customers a full marketing program that is developed in conjunction with the retailer and the industry body to suit their requirements.

We produce a large range of kernel styles and specialise in the development of industrial and retail products for specific customer requirements. Our macadamias are extremely versatile and can be used in wide variety of situations. From the value adding of confectionary, bakery and ice-cream products to their use as culinary ingredients in restaurant cuisines or as a gourmet table snack, the options for the macadamia are endless.

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